High Impact Imagery

Searching for that one photograph that changes the world

                         Welcome to High Impact Imagery.com 

High Impact Imagery is a photography company originally started in the small town of Brantford, Ontario but currently located in Gastown Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded by young entrepreneur and photographer Patrick McEachern, it launched its first studio location in early 2012 but quickly grew out of it moving onwards to bigger things across the country in Vancouver.

Equipped with his mantra that it only takes one photograph to change the world, Patrick McEachern aims to find it. He is currently in the midst of building a strong photojournalism portfolio with hopes to take his camera to conflict zones worldwide


Contact Information:

Phone: 778-227-3031

E-Mail: Booking@PatrickMcEachern.com

Twitter - @PatrickMPhotog
Instagram - @PatrickMPhotog